Metal Mesh Ceilings

Industry's Broadest Portfolio of Metal Mesh Ceilings

METALWORKS Mesh panels provide an industrial look for interior spaces in a variety of standard sizes, patterns, and finishes.

Intertwine Your Design

The industry’s broadest portfolio of standard metal mesh ceilings allows you to weave, weld, and expand. Should your imagination exceed the norm, bend the rules with our custom capabilities.

Weave a new tale. Whether you follow a linear road or hopscotch the squares, your woven story can have a colorful conclusion. Eighteen standard designs and eight finishes provide the possibilities.

Weld a work of art. Sculpt a modern masterpiece with seven welded designs available in eight flashy finishes.

Expand your horizons. Climb the lattice or ride a waterfall’s cascade with seven expanded metal patterns in ten finishes.

New Options

METALWORKS Mesh is now available in Torsion Spring for a sleek industrial visual with minimized grid visibility.




Want an out-of-the-ordinary ceiling? From mesh panels in unique patterns and finishes, to custom colors and images, finishes and perfs, no one offers the broad range of options you can get from Armstrong Ceilings.  We'll even work with you to create one-of-a-kind ceiling installations through PROJECTWORKS.