Structural Grid Ceiling Systems

All-In-One Structural Suspension Ceiling Systems

Complete solutions for a wide variety of ceiling applications where strength and performance are needed, including, warehouses, distribution centers, clean rooms, medical facilities, data centers, and other indoor facilities

Armstrong Structural Grid Ceiling Systems are pre-engineered to provide all-in-one ceiling solutions with many acoustical, strength, and performance features ideal for various applications, including but not limited to, retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers, clean rooms, medical facilities, data centers, casinos, sports arenas, and other indoor facilities.

Long-Term Energy Savings​

DYNAMAX grid plus ULTIMA AIRASSURE panels deliver increased air pressure control and reduced ceiling leakage for avg. savings of $0.40/SF annually. ​

DYNAMAX & DYNAMAX PLUS Suspension Systems

Provide an attachment platform for cable trays, equipment partitions, and hot and cold containment barriers from the structure to below the ceiling plane while eliminating penetrations through the ceiling.


Key Selection Attributes DYNAMAX
Structural Grid
Structural Grid
Easy integration into a conventional grid system using AXTBC clip and DYNAMAX boss channels
Supports up to a 1,200 lb. point load rating using 3/8" -16 threaded rod at 48" x 48" connection points
Suspension system has continuous threaded boss channel, allowing 3/8"-16 threaded rod to be installed to the suspension system at any location
Available in 24" x 24", 24" x 48", and 48" x 48" suspension system layouts 
Fully accessible system allows for future expansion and upgrade
Non-progressive installation gives the ability to remove or replace a section of the system without the need to dismantle those components around it
Cross tees not bearing any load are removable for plenum access without compromising the structural integrity of the system
Factory gasketing available upon request.
10-Year Limited Suspension System Warranty; 30-Year Limited Ceiling System Warranty
Allows for longer spans (6' and 8') while also providing greater load-carrying capacity  
6' spacing allows for direct attachment to steel joists or pre-cast concrete tees   
Eliminate 1/3 or 1/2 of threaded rods/accessories utilized today for typical 48" hanging spans  
Supports point loads of up to 1,090 lbs. at the mid-point of 4' spans (up to 1,800 lbs. for static point loads)  

Other Structural Grid Products


Benefits to the Architect, Owner & Engineer:​ ​

  • Factory gasketed ULTIMA AIRASSURE for DYNAMAX panels reduce air leakage and save an average energy savings of $.40/SF annually​
  • Pre-engineered fit and finish of fixtures and components that integrate or complement a variety of applications​ ​
  • Design and specify oversized structural grid with confidence to ensure proper fit and finish​ ​
  • Various 24" x 24", 24" x 48", and 48" x 48" ceiling panel options available​ * ​
  • Seamless integration with various lighting and diffuser partners​ ​
  • Partnership with Subzero Engineering creates bundled solution of DYNAMAX and DYNAMAX Plus ceilings with high-performing, air containment systems​ ​
  • DYNAMAX, DYNAMAX Plus and PRELUDE XL MAX grid coordinate with special sized Armstrong ceiling panels to keep ceiling planes closed for improved pressure and temperature control in data center halls compared to drilled holes or slotted strut installs​ ​


Benefits to the Contractor & Installer:​ ​

  • A complete structural ceiling solution that speeds installation with modular build capability ​ ​
  • Integrated ceiling solutions with compatible components designed for various applications​ ​
  • Transition seamlessly from structural to conventional grid on the same ceiling plane to provide strength where you need it​ ​
  • Eliminates the need to field modify ceiling panels in all standard suspension layouts​ ​
  • Easy trade coordination for submittal process and eliminates integration issues on job-sites
  • Factory cut-notches on main beams and nubs on X-brackets for fast alignment and assembly

* 48" x 48" panels for DYNAMAX and DYNAMAX Plus grid only ​

Data Center Specific Attributes for DYNAMAX and DYNAMAX Plus

  • Provides a suspension platform or attachment for data center cable trays, equipment, partitions and hot and cold aisle containment barriers from building structure to below the ceiling plane
  • Finished ceiling system offers a containment barrier to protect servers from debris
  • Controls airflow by eliminating ceiling penetrations
  • Grid provides increased temperature and pressure management, reduced leakage, and enables the best hot and cold air containment at the ceiling plane when compared to other ceiling types
  • Available with ULTIMA AIRASSURE panels with factory-gasketed edges to provide even greater temperature and pressure management
  • Lighting, diffuser, and containment options are available from our Data Center lighting and MEP partners


Build It Better: Outfitting A Computer Lab With DYNAMAX Structural Grid

See how DYNAMAX structural grid provided increased load-carrying capability where it was needed while reducing labor hours and simplifying the installation of lighting fixtures throughout this Chicago computer lab.

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