AXIOM Indirect Field Light Coves: AXIFLCWKE



How to and Guides

  • Capz Installation

    Solve acoustical challenges in exposed structure spaces with Capz. The sleek Capz system pairs Capz accent hardware with the exceptional acoustical benefits of fine-textured Optima ceiling panels.

  • Axiom Indirect Field Light Coves (Contractors)

    Reduce unnecessary framing to structure with modular plug and play Indirect Field Light Coves that reduce steel consumption on a project.

  • Axiom Indirect Light Coves

    Axiom Indirect Light Coves

  • Axiom Direct Light Coves

    Axiom extruded aluminum light coves offer ultra low plenum clearance, predictable lighting performance, and perfect integration with all Armstrong suspension systems.

  • Fastest TECTUM Wall Panel Installation - Finale vs. Direct Attach C-20

    Watch how TECTUM Finale installs 2-1/2 times faster than TECTUM Direct Attach panels in a C-20 mount.

  • Why Specify Drywall Grid Soffits

    Specify drywall grid for soffits and light coves to positively impact challenges faced with MEP conflicts, RFI’s, VE’s, skilled labor, construction schedules, and green building. Learn how drywall grid can modularize builds with half the labor.