WOODWORKS Grille - Forté Veneered Ceiling Panels

Key Features & Performance

  • 15 standard veneer panel configurations in 4', 6', and 8' lengths minimize the need for customization
  • 10 standard veneer options feature various species and cuts for beautiful wood visuals
  • Enhanced structural design with notched alignment backers and diagonal backers minimize the naturally occurring twist of wood and improves handleability during install
  • Coordinating veneer wood trims in 4", 6", and 8" depths
  • Class A fire performance
  • Install in the ceiling, on the wall, or create ceiling-to-wall transitions
  • Black acoustical infill panels hide the plenum for a clean, finished install visual and provide TOTAL ACOUSTICS with NRC up to .85 and CAC up to 35
  • 2 designs with at least 70% open area to minimize sprinkler install and material cost, achieving a less cluttered finished ceiling with an open aesthetic
  • Installs on familiar, heavy-duty PRELUDE Grid with pre-drilled backer holes eliminate splitting for long-term durability
  • Centered backers allow for a nondirectional install, providing flexibility in install layout and clean accessibility
  • CLEANASSURE family of products – includes disinfectable panels, suspension systems, and trim
  • Premium options include FSC-certified options, plenum-hiding fleece, and flexible backers for wall-to-ceiling transitions
Fire Performance
Class A
Sag/Humidity Resistance

Ceiling panels maintain humidity and sag resistance.


Offers superior wash resistance without compromising panel finish integrity, using a washability tester as per ATSM D4828.


May be fogged following CDC recommendations using EPA-approved disinfectant ​cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines​


May be sprayed following CDC recommendations using EPA disinfectant​ cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines​


May be wiped following CDC recommendations using EPA disinfectant​ cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines

USDA certified biobased content

This product is part of the USDA BioPreferred Program and it's biobased content has been independently laboratory tested and third-party certified.


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Complimentary ceiling design & pre-construction service.
Sustainability Profile
Recycled Content
LEED  •  WELL  •  Living Building Challenge
Recyclable/Extended Producer Responsibility
FSC (for wood)
Energy Management
Recycled Content
Construction Waste
Sourcing of Raw Materials
Regional Materials
Location Dependent
Material Ingredient Reporting
Design for Flexibility
Low emitting/materials
Lighting Quality
Biobased Materials
Acoustics (With Infill Panels)

Configure an Item

Color shown may vary from actual product. The images here reflect the visual range that is likely within our product. Darkest to lightest tones may occur within an installation due to the character of wood.

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