WOODWORKS Grille - Forté Veneered Ceiling Panels

Key Features & Performance

  • 15 standard veneer panel configurations in 4', 6', and 8' lengths minimize the need for customization
  • 10 standard veneer options feature various species and cuts for beautiful wood visuals
  • Enhanced structural design with notched alignment backers and diagonal backers minimize the naturally occurring twist of wood and improves handleability during install
  • Coordinating veneer wood trims in 4", 6", and 8" depths
  • Class A fire performance
  • Install in the ceiling, on the wall, or create ceiling-to-wall transitions
  • Black acoustical infill panels hide the plenum for a clean, finished install visual and provide TOTAL ACOUSTICS with NRC up to .85 and CAC up to 35
  • 2 designs with at least 70% open area to minimize sprinkler install and material cost, achieving a less cluttered finished ceiling with an open aesthetic
  • Installs on familiar, heavy-duty PRELUDE Grid with pre-drilled backer holes eliminate splitting for long-term durability
  • Centered backers allow for a nondirectional install, providing flexibility in install layout and clean accessibility
  • CLEANASSURE family of products – includes disinfectable panels, suspension systems, and trim
  • Premium options include FSC-certified options, plenum-hiding fleece, and flexible backers for wall-to-ceiling transitions
Fire Performance
Class A
Sag/Humidity Resistance

Ceiling panels maintain humidity and sag resistance.


Offers superior wash resistance without compromising panel finish integrity, using a washability tester as per ATSM D4828.


May be fogged following CDC recommendations using EPA-approved disinfectant ​cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines​


May be sprayed following CDC recommendations using EPA disinfectant​ cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines​


May be wiped following CDC recommendations using EPA disinfectant​ cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines

USDA certified biobased content

This product is part of the USDA BioPreferred Program and it's biobased content has been independently laboratory tested and third-party certified.


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Complimentary ceiling design & pre-construction service.
Sustainability Profile
Recycled Content
LEED  •  WELL  •  Living Building Challenge
Recyclable/Extended Producer Responsibility
FSC (for wood)
Energy Management
Recycled Content
Construction Waste
Sourcing of Raw Materials
Regional Materials
Location Dependent
Material Ingredient Reporting
Design for Flexibility
Low emitting/materials
Lighting Quality
Biobased Materials
Acoustics (With Infill Panels)

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