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    TECHZONE with ULTIMA Field Panels

    Sound Absorption (NRC) 0.75
    Sound Blocking (CAC) 35
    Light Reflectance Up to 0.88
    Recycled Content 70% - 82%
    Sag/Humidity Resistance HUMIGUARD Plus
    Fire Performance Class A, Class A (UL)
    Durability Soil Resistance, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Washability
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    Better NRC & CAC​

    TOTAL ACOUSTICS BETTER = NRC 0.70-0.75 and CAC 35+

    Noise can impede concentration, healing, and learning - or add drama, vibrance, and energy. TOTAL ACOUSTICS ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of both sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC) - giving you complete noise control and design flexibility for every space.

    Total Acoustics ceilings rated BETTER are ideal for spaces where strong sound absorption and sound blocking are needed for all-around acoustical performance.

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