METALWORKS Torsion Spring Shapes: 8216R01M1C03



How to and Guides

  • Reduce Sound Transmission with the Impact Isolation Clip (IIC)

    Learn how the construction crew working on two condominium projects in New Orleans use the Impact Isolation Clip (IIC) for sound-transmission and impact-insulation control, a crucial yet affordable installation element in projects of every scale.

  • ACOUSTIBUILT Seamless Ceiling System Installation

    Learn how to install an ACOUSTIBUILT seamless ceiling system on your next project in this step-by-step video that reviews installing grid and panels, finishing joints and fasteners, and spraying the fine texture finish.

Compatible Grid & Trim

PRELUDE XL 15/16" Exposed Tee
PRELUDE XL 15/16" Exposed Tee

This hot-dipped galvanized steel 15/16" suspension system offers high recycled content for improved LEED credits.