Custom Wood Ceilings

Carve Out a Truly Unique Ceiling With Sizes, Shapes, and Curves Made to Your Specifications

          Shown above: WOODWORKS Torsion Spring (l), WOODWORKS  Concealed (m), and WOODWORKS Custom Canopies (r)

Put your spin on the traditional look of a wood ceiling by selecting WOODWORKS custom wood ceilings in the sizes, shapes, curves, and perforations you need for your design.

Available in a variety of veneers, from classic to exotic, WOODWORKS custom wood ceilings give you the options to create something that's uniquely your own.

Plus, with the addition of WOODWORKS ACGI Capabilities, the wood ceilings portfolio has never offered more options for your one-of-a-kind design. Add microperforated ceiling panels and control noise with 0.55 mm perforations that aren’t visible from a normal viewing distance.

Count on the You Inspire Solutions Center to bring your one-of-a-kind ideas to life … from initial design, to product selection, integration with installation and accessories, customization, and specification to achieve the best possible finished installation. Ideal for architects and contractors who require unique solutions for ceilings, exposed structures, and wall applications.


Our team can help you with design support for your next project.

Custom Products