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Deliver flexibility to your Data Center.

Deliver Flexibility to Your Data Center.

The ceiling solution you select should be an integral part of your data center design. When you suspend your components such as cable trays, busways, fiber raceways, or hot-aisle containment above the racks you improve load carrying capacity, air flow management, and gain the flexibility to reconfigure the layout to adapt to the changing needs of the business.


Integrated Components


How can this solution help you?

Audience Facility Owners Architects MEP & Structural Engineers General Contractors Sub-Contractors
Benefits Flexibility to suspend data hall components from both main beams and cross tees - not limited to a specific module layout Pre-engineered system with details - reduce RFI's HVAC efficient based on closed ceiling system Lower material and installation costs keep project on budet Local project support
Standard 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' ceiling panel sizes Tested system with documentation to meet proper standards No need to install expensive elevated floor - system allows for overhead support Short lead time on materials keeps project on schedule More competiitive materials and installation cost
HVAC efficency based on closed ceiling systems Local project support Lower upfront cost - clients don't have to stock custom sized panels Free shop drawing in a quick turnaround to help with the submittal process Installation specialist support - send out a professional first couple of days of project to answer any questions on the job-site