SIMPLESOFFIT | Drywall Framing System

The Faster, Easier, Better Way to Build Soffits

SIMPLESOFFIT is a pre-fabricated drywall and ACOUSTIBUILT soffit framing system that quickly clicks into shape and installs rapidly; saving time, material, and labor on the jobsite.

Lose the Jig: An Introduction to SIMPLESOFFIT

This time-saving solution eliminates jigs and onsite fabrication time right out of the box. Main runners are notched to your soffit framing dimensions for easy click-and-go installation.​

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Typical SimpleSoffit Solutions

SimpleSoffit drywall framing will eliminate soffit fabrication time in many different framing configurations across a variety of industry applications.

SIMPLESOFFIT Standard Options

In addition to the many custom options, we offer four (4) standard items that are in stock and available for quick ship (approx. 5-7 days). These items provide an alternative when custom-notched grid is not needed or if contractors want the benefits of SIMPLESOFFIT grid without waiting two weeks for a custom solution. 

Lead Time

SIMPLESOFFIT is available in many different shapes to fit your project.

Quoting Time
Allow 48 hours for quoting.
Production Time
Allow 2 weeks for production on custom orders. Standard options are in stock and for quick ship (approx. 5-7 days).
Transit time not included. Allow additional time for Western U.S. shipments​.
Distributor Schedule
Coordinate with your local distributor’s truck schedule.​


Lose the Jig: About SIMPLESOFFIT Installation

Building soffits can be time, material, and labor intensive, but there is a faster way. SIMPLESOFFIT Drywall Framing System quickly clicks into shape right out of the box. Learn more in this installation video.​


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