Compare ACOUSTIBUILT to Similar Systems

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vs. similar systems on the market

Compare our one-layer system with TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance to similar competitive systems that are heavier and slower to install in a two-layer system.

You’ll get excellent acoustical performance, an integrated solution with no backer panel required, and realize a 10% lower installed cost. ACOUSTIBuilt installs with easy, thin spray finish, fast screw placement, and no backer panel required! Even better, we provide free jobsite support and training by installation specialists so you can do it right the first time!


ACOUSTIBuilt Seamless Acoustical Ceiling System Similar Seamless Acoustical Ceiling System 
Lighter One Layer System with TOTAL ACOUSTICS Heavier Two Layer System with Backer & Perforated Panel
Higher CAC Sound Blocking of 46 Lower CAC Sound Blocking of 40
10% Lower Install Cost Higher Install Cost 
Less Expensive Spray Equipment More Expensive Spray Equipment
Easier to repair and finish with simple to use HVLP sprayer Repairs Made with Same Heavy Messy Spray Equipment
Easy Thin Spray Finish Heavy Thick Texture Coating Spray Finish
No Backer Panel Needed – Integrated Solution Extra backer panel installation is slow and fixture cutouts are time consuming
Onsite Armstrong Installation Support Specialists provide hands on training Selective & Limited Certified Installers



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