Drop Ceiling Cost

Drop Ceiling Cost - What You Should Know

Drop Ceiling Cost - What You Should Know

There are many factors to consider in estimating the drop ceiling cost of a project. Find what you need to know with this handy checklist.

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24" x 24" SAHARA
Drop ceiling pricing can be confusing since not all ceiling panels are created equal. There’s more to the beauty of ceiling tiles and panels than meets the eye. Here are some of the finer points to keep in mind to get the best value for your money when comparing drop ceiling pricing.

Drop Ceiling Cost Checklist

1) Check for performance features – When comparing drop ceiling prices, you’ll discover a wide range for different ceiling panels. Typically, there is an added cost for products with important performance features to consider like sound blocking, fire resistance, and mold, mildew or sag resistance.

2) Design – High style products like dazzling pressed metal ceiling tiles and elegant PVC coffered ceilings have additional manufacturing details that contribute to higher drop ceiling pricing. But stylish options are also readily available in budget-friendly mineral fiber designs. These panels come in decorative patterns, textures, and even smooth looks.

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3) The grid - Don't forget to incorporate the cost of the suspension system and other installation parts and pieces into your calculations. Not only will you need grid main beams and cross tees, but you'll also want to consider hanger wire, wall moldings, and clips that all ensure a square, level, and stable installation.

4) Edge detail - Certain drop ceiling panels have an edge detail that drops below the main beams and cross tees to help minimize and hide the industrial look of metal grid. This desired decorative look of what are called "tegular" edge details can add a small cost to a ceiling panel.

The right ceiling tile or panel is available for every room. Knowing what to look for before you go to the store will assure a product that you can install with pride and confidence at a price that is right for you.