Ceiling Grid Covers

StyleStix Ceiling Grid Covers

StyleStix Ceiling Grid Covers

StyleStix ceiling grid covers snap onto an existing grid to add a coffered look without redoing the entire ceiling. Learn more.

StyleStix grid moldings allow you to update and beautify your suspended ceiling with richly detailed architectural molding. Snapping over your aging, discolored, drop-ceiling grid, maintenance-free StyleStix grid moldings create a coffered-look ceiling at a fraction of the cost of custom work.

  • Stylishly detailed moldings cover industrial-looking and aged 15/16" ceiling grid - snaps onto a 24" x 24" suspension system
  • Paintable* to match any décor
  • Mold, mildew and sag resistance
  • Three different StyleStix components are needed to complete the ceiling makeover: Item #1310 6' grid covers; Item #1311 6' wall molding covers; and Item #1312 2' grid covers

For additional details and where to buy, call 1-877-276-7876.

*Painting voids warranty.