How to Install a Drop Ceiling

How to Install a Drop Ceiling in a Snap with QUICKHANG  Products

How to Install a Drop Ceiling in a Snap with QUICKHANG Products

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Maybe Mom’s lower level needs an update, or maybe your new home came with an unfinished basement. Especially if you’ve bought a new home (or maybe a new-to-you home), there’s sure to be a laundry list of things to do that never seems to end. But there’s one project that’s a rite-of-passage for DIY-ers: installing a drop ceiling.

This project is a little above and beyond simple DIY tasks, but don’t let it alarm you. We’ll help you get your project rolling in no time, and soon your space will have a sleek, new drop ceiling. The best part? We’ve got special tips and materials to make this more advanced DIY project something that you’ll feel confident tackling yourself.

Getting Started With Your Drop Ceiling Installation Project

Possibly the hardest part of any drop ceiling installation is the planning and preparation. We’ve got a lot of resources that will help you get your project started right. Think figuring out how many ceiling panels you’ll need or learning more about how to get your borders right. Here are some resources if you’re still in the process of choosing which drop ceiling to install, or learning more about the process.

Steps for Installing a Drop Ceiling

In a nutshell, installing a drop ceiling has several parts:

  1. Preparing the space for installation

  2. Measuring for your border panels and for hanging hardware placement

  3. Installing the ceiling grid

  4. Cutting border panels and then fitting panels into the grid

We highly recommend watching this video for an overview of the process, and also reading the Drop Ceiling Installation Guide.

New Ways to Make Installing a Drop Ceiling Easier

We’ve got an advantage for DIY-ers who are looking for an easier way to install a drop ceiling. Up until recently, one reason that installing drop ceilings was difficult is because you had to attach wires to the joists of your ceiling. Each hanger wire had to be cut, tied, and twisted evenly, or the whole ceiling would be crooked. It is a notoriously time-consuming task that makes it hard to achieve consistent results. But we’ve made it easier with QUICKHANG Grid Hook Kits and Installation Kits!

QUICKHANG Grid Hook Kits

QUICKHANG Grid Hook Kits come with hooks, brackets and nails, and are a faster and easier way to install a drop ceiling vs. traditional hanger wire.  These handy kits mean you only need to mark off intervals where you’ll install the brackets, nail in the brackets, and then thread in the pre-bent, heavy-duty hooks that will support the grid. Here’s what you need to know about using QUICKHANG Grid Hook Kits:

  • Each kit covers approximately 160 sq. ft. of ceiling space (depending on room dimensions)

  • These joist-mounted brackets save headroom -- only 2.5” of drop needed

  • You can use the Grid Hook Kits with any standard grid system

  • It’s important to note that these kits do not include ceiling grid, molding, or ceiling panels.

QUICKHANG Grid Hook Kits are extremely easy to adjust, too. Say for example, your ceiling joists are a bit uneven (most are). You can easily move the hooks up and down to level out the ceiling, without the hassle of untying and retying hanger wire. All you need to do is squeeze the bracket tabs and make the necessary changes..  Another great benefit of this system - you can adjust your ceiling up or down based on obstructions like pipes and ductwork --again, just by squeezing the bracket tabs and adjusting the hooks.

QUICKHANG Installation Kits

QUICKHANG Installation Kits take things a step further and provide all the hooks, brackets and nails, plus all the ceiling grid and wall molding you’ll need to cover approximately 64 sq. ft. of space.  (Ceiling panels are sold separately.) These convenient kits make installing a drop ceiling an easy DIY project. Here are a few things you need to know about QUICKHANG Installation Kits:

  • Installation kits are available for either 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ ceiling panels

  • If you need just a few extra pieces, you can buy them separately

  • Kits make single-person installation a snap, especially because of the lightweight, easy-to-handle 6’ main beams

  • The specially coated metal pieces are easy to cut with tin snips

Like the QUICKHANG Grid Hook Kits, these full installation kits give you flexibility in how you install your ceiling, giving you the leeway to account for uneven ceiling surfaces and obstructions.


So say goodbye to time-consuming and difficult drop ceiling installation methods of the past, and hello to a whole new world of easy, DIY drop ceiling installation!