Light Commercial Ceiling Solutions: Looks and Performance

Spruce Up Small Businesses, Offices, Commercial Kitchens, And More with Light Commercial Ceiling Tiles

Spruce Up Small Businesses, Offices, Commercial Kitchens, And More with Light Commercial Ceiling Tiles

Spruce Up Small Businesses, Offices, Commercial Kitchens, And More with Light Commercial Ceiling Tiles

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24" x 24" SAHARA
If you’re like most construction pros, you don’t have a lot of time for, well, anything! That’s why we’re here to help you with fast, easy ceiling solutions for every project. From salons to storefronts, restaurants to offices, we have a promise for you: our ceiling solutions will help you get the look and performance that you need for your space.


Great Ceiling Looks (Economically Priced!)

Many of your customers will initially be interested to know how their space will look. Design decisions can be hard to tackle, but here’s one that will make your life easy: the ceiling. Start with the visual elements you want — smooth or textured look, or narrow grid — and go from there!

Smooth Look Ceilings: Many of our smooth look ceilings will work great in your business. A new choice in this category is a 24” x 24” YUMA WHITE ceiling panel. YUMA WHITE refined panels in a sleek square design are your “every project” ceiling. They also have superior acoustical and moisture performance — perfect for a light commercial space.

Textured Look: A clean, white, and bright ceiling option like FINE FISSURED 24” x 48” panels creates a professional atmosphere for an office, medical building, or retail space. Or, for a bolder look, you can also choose this ceiling in black or in white 24” x 24” tiles. All this for less than $1.00 per square foot? Yes, please!

Surface Mount: ACOUSTAFFIX 24" x 48" fine-textured panels provide superior sound absorption and blend into open ceiling designs with either a black, white, or field paintable finish option. Three installation methods allow panels to directly mount to ceilings or walls.

Narrow Grid: Some customers may prefer the look of a narrower grid system, like our SUPRAFINE 9/16” Grid System, because it reduces the appearance of the grid in a space. If this is the direction you’re going, you can choose from four different ceilings that work inside a narrow grid system, including the versatile SAHARA 24” x 24” panels made especially for this narrow grid.

Performance Features That Work For You

Within each type of look, you’ll find the performance features that are important for light commercial spaces, such as sound blocking and absorption or sag and mold resistance.

For example, our LUMAWASH 24”x 48” panels offer a smooth bright white finish and meet USDA/FSIS guidelines for use in food prep areas. Or you could go with BRIGHTEX with AIRGUARD 24” x 24” panels. This smooth textured ceiling has the added benefit of being able to remove formaldehyde from the air.

In the textured category, FINE FISSURED 24” x 48” panels offer superior sound blocking/absorption and mold/sag resistance. Most of our ceilings that are suitable for light commercial applications have superior ratings in these categories, so look for the ratings and you’ll be getting a high-performance ceiling product that looks great too.

Easy Installation

Who has a lot of time to spend on installation? Most of the ceilings described install easily in our PRELUDE 15/16” grid. It’s the most common grid size so if you’re just looking to replace old and tired tiles, our light commercial ceiling tiles should fit nicely into what’s already there.

For your next light commercial project, choose from a wide variety of Armstrong ceilings — your new go-to, every-project ceiling!