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The industry’s first ceiling system with integrated technical services.

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Leave the “noise” behind – the clutter of lighting, air diffusers and returns, sprinkler systems, and unwanted sound – that busy the ceiling plane. TECHZONE easily organizes these systems into 4", 6", or 12" wide technical zones. A range of compatible fixtures from our partner companies have been prequalified for fit and finish. The result – a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems.

  • Ceiling Panels

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    TECHZONE with OPTIMA Field Panels

    Sound Absorption (NRC) Up to 0.95
    Articulation Class (AC) Up to 190
    Light Reflectance 0.88
    Recycled Content 71%
    Sag/Humidity Resistance HUMIGUARD Plus
    Materials Fiberglass
    Fire Performance Class A, Class A (UL)
    Durability Soil Resistance, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Washability

    TECHZONE with ULTIMA Field Panels

    Sound Absorption (NRC) 0.75
    Sound Blocking (CAC) 35
    Articulation Class (AC) 170
    Light Reflectance Up to 0.88
    Recycled Content 74% - 82%
    Sag/Humidity Resistance HUMIGUARD Plus
    Materials Mineral Fiber
    Fire Performance Class A, Class A (UL)
    Durability Soil Resistance, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Washability
  • Suspension Systems

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  • Trims, Moldings & Accessories

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  • Partners

    We take great pride in creating time for our customers through pre-engineered solutions and integrated partnerships. The result - a wide range of compatible fixtures that include lighting, heating, cooling, air diffusers, sprinklers, and shades from our partners. These solutions have been pre-qualified for fit and finish. There is no need to research fixture compatibility for your ceiling layout - we have already done the work for you.

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TECHZONE Ceiling Systems Lighting Overview

Organized. Simple. Clean - create a sleek ceiling design with uninterrupted ribbons of light.


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TECHZONE Yoke Installation

Learn how to use the TECHZONE Yoke to achieve a true, continuous, uninterrupted lighting visual.

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[TECHZONE] Integrated System Overview

[TECHZONE] Integrated System Overview