SINGLESPAN Acoustical Corridor System: 730098HRC


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  • SingleSpan Corridor Solution

    Learn how SingleSpan can help eliminate hanger wires in congested plenum corridors typically found in hospitals.

  • Single Tee Adapter Clip - STAC

    STAC Clip or Single Tee Adapter Clip allows you to create off-module or staggered grid installation for both non-seismic areas, seismic C, and seismic DEF. Learn more in this short video.

  • Singlespan Installation

    Armstrong Ceilings Single Span Main Runner allows you to install ceilings main runners around obstacles such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, data, and life services with out being a trapeze artist.

  • Quikstix Box Soffits

    Quikstix Box Soffits