Designing for the Destination Office

The way we work is changing, and so should our workspaces.

Why Go Back To The Office?

With the migration back to the office well underway, many workplace leaders are asking themselves how their employees' needs have changed. The “flight to quality”* represents building occupants' willingness to pick up and move for higher quality, more desirable spaces, and pay more to rent them.

The demand for inviting, healthy and sustainable spaces to collaborate is higher than ever and we’ve gained new insights in the past few years about what employees require in their work environment.

Reimagine your workspace as one that offers clean air, the right light for each task, a sustainable, beautiful design and the acoustics to enhance creativity, productivity and the occupant experience. Now look up ... you can do it all starting at the ceiling.

We're Walking the Talk...

and have reimagined our own offices.
We're Walking the Talk...

Indoor Environmental Quality in Offices


Cleaning office air leads to an 11% increase in office worker productivity.**


Exposure to harsh fluorescent lighting can cause eye strain and blurred vision. Double vision and increased sensitivity to light can also occur.***


Noise pollution in the workplace impacts the concentration and productivity of 69% of employees globally.****



"Use of high light-reflectant ceilings helps extend the daylighting deeper into the space, creating a more enjoyable workspace.”

- Peter Levasseur, AIA, LEED® AP, Director of Sustainable Design, EwingCole



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