AirAssure Ceiling Tiles

Healthier Spaces By Design

AirAssure panels allow you to improve Indoor Environmental Quality at the ceiling – for occupant comfort and well-being.

Smooth panels with factory-gasketed edges contribute to improved indoor environmental quality for every space.

  • Seal the ceiling plane for improved indoor air quality

  • Factory-gasketed edges reduce air leakage through the ceiling plane in a space up to 4X compared to panels without AirAssure performance

  • Achieve Clean Room Performance up to ISO Class 5 with standard non-gasketed suspension systems.

  • Excellent Sound Blocking Performance - up to 45 CAC for improved speech privacy. 

  • Allows faster/easier conversion to negative or positive pressure-controlled spaces (without the need for gasketed suspension systems or hold-down clips)

AirAssure Ceiling Panels

Seal the ceiling plane with AirAssure ceiling panels that provide improved Indoor Environmental Quality for occupant comfort, well being and cleaner air.

Enhancing IEQ?

Looking to improve the indoor environmental quality in your space? Explore the many facets of IEQ starting at the ceiling.
Enhancing IEQ?


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