Acoustic Drywall Alternative


A seamless, monolithic ceiling and wall system with TOTAL ACOUSTICS and SUSTAIN performance. NRC (Sound Absorption) + CAC (Sound Blocking) = TOTAL ACOUSTICS

          Shown above: ACOUSTIBuilt

The commercial ACOUSTIBuilt Seamless Acoustical Ceiling and Wall System gives you design flexibility and a monolithic visual in an acoustic drywall alternative. Treat it like drywall, enjoy the performance.

  • Excellent acoustical performance of up to NRC 0.80 and CAC 46 
  • Part of our SUSTAIN portfolio – most stringent sustainability compliance standards
  • Fine texture finish provides a smooth, uninterrupted appearance
  • Similar installation and finishing methods to drywall – pair with Armstrong Drywall Grid for the easiest installation
  • Lower cost than acoustical plaster

AcoustiBuilt Seamless Ceiling System in 60 Seconds

Learn about AcoustiBuilt Seamless Ceiling System in this short video.

ACOUSTIBuilt Details

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ACOUSTIBuilt Details


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