Ceilings Recycling Program FAQs

Armstrong’s ceiling recycling program is here to help you every step of the way. From registration – to transportation – to new ceiling solutions for your project. Find answers to commonly asked questions about the program below or reach out to one of our recycling experts at 877-276-7876 (option 4).

General Program Information

  1. What happens to reclaimed ceilings?
    Ceilings are brought back to our manufacturing locations and processed. Materials are separated out and they become the foundation for the next generation of ceilings.
  2. How many square feet of ceilings does Armstrong World Industries reclaim each year?
    Since 1999, Armstrong has reclaimed over 200 million square feet of old ceilings. The quantity of ceilings we reclaim each year varies, based on the number of projects taking part in the program.
  3. Do you only recycle Armstrong ceiling material?
    We recycle CertainTeed, USG, and other mineral fiber ceilings in addition to Armstrong ceiling material.
  4. Where does the Armstrong Ceilings Recycling Program operate?
    We recycle ceilings throughout North America in the Continental U.S. and Canada.
  5. Is it less expensive to landfill versus recycle?
    Use our online recycling / diversion calculator to compare your costs.
  6. What is the minimum amount of ceiling material you will recycle?
    The minimum amount we typically recycle is 5,000 sq. ft. However, this can vary depending on location and proximity.
  7. Do you recycle felt, metal, wood, or TECTUM ceiling panels?
    Not at this time. The Armstrong Ceilings Recycling Program is focused on recycling and reusing mineral fiber ceilings that make up the majority of our product offering.
  8. Do you accept residential ceilings in the recycling program?
    No, this program is for commercial ceiling projects only.
  9. What ceilings are included in the recycling program? 
    All brands of dry, pulpable mineral fiber ceiling panels. View the Armstrong ceilings that are included in the Ceiling Recycling program here.

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Ceilings Recycling Program

Ceilings Recycling Program

Recycling Project Initiation – Costs, Quotes, and Terms

  1. How do I start a ceiling recycling project with Armstrong?
    Fill out the Ceiling Recycling Contact form to submit a project request.
  2. What information is needed to start a ceiling recycling project?
    Location of project, primary contact information, ceiling product type, estimated amount of ceiling to be recycled, building asbestos certification.
  3. Can any costs associated with recycling transportation be built into the replacement ceiling order cost?
    No, we are unable to apply recycling transportation costs to your order for new ceiling panels.
  4. How long will it take to receive a transportation quote for my ceiling recycling project?
    Once all the required information is received by the Armstrong recycling team, a quote will be emailed within 3-5 business days.
  5. What type of additional charges could I incur?
    Drop trailers and liftgates – cost TBD by location. Additional fees may apply for non-conforming loads or shipments.

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Ready To Get Started?

Connect with our ceiling tile recycling specialists, to discuss how we can help with your construction waste diversion goals.

Ceiling Recycling Staging and Pickup Guideline

  1. How should old ceiling tiles be staged and packed for recycling?
    • Material must be clean, dry and free of mold or mildew.
    • No wood, metal, construction debris or hazardous materials of any kind can be included. If C&D waste is included with ceilings, possible charges can be incurred for disposal.
    • Stack used ceiling tiles on pallets: Stack 4' on 4' x 4' sturdy shipping pallets with bottom slats. Secure tiles on pallets with stretch wrap or metal bands. When loading, trailer capacity should be maximized.
    • A return authorization (RA #) label will be issued by the Armstrong Ceilings Recycling Center for all approved loads. Securely attach the label to every pallet showing identification of the job approval.
    • All tiles should be straight on pallets and secured within the trailer to prevent loads from falling during transit or when pallets are unloaded. Material must be wrapped tightly and packaged so that pallets remain stable. Load locks may be necessary in the trailer. See recycling palletizing guidelines document.
  2. Is there a particular size pallet that must be used to stage the material?
    Pallets can be no larger than 4 ft. x 4 ft. Palletized material can be double stacked, no more than 96” high.
  3. How many pallets can a 53 ft. trailer accommodate?
    A 53 ft. trailer can accommodate approximately 22 pallets of 4 ft. x 4 ft. double stacked.
  4. How many sq. ft. of ceilings can a 53 ft. trailer accommodate?
    If loaded properly, approximately 44 pallets stacked 4'x4'x4' tall fill the truck. Each 4' tall stack is roughly 1k sq. ft. or 700 pounds. (MF tile) Each pallet is approximately 1,000 sq. ft. or 44,000 sq. ft. total.
  5. Who is responsible for packing and staging the material?
    It is the recycling customer’s responsibility to pack and stage material to be recycled according to our guidelines.
  6. Who is responsible for the labor cost of packaging and staging the material?
    It is the customer’s responsibility.
  7. Does Armstrong World Industries provide pallets?
    No. Pallets should be provided by the contractor or customer.

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Material Pickup

  1. Can I/the customer deliver material to Armstrong World Industries for reclamation/recycling?
    Typically, the Armstrong Recycling team will manage a pick-up of an approved recycling project. Recyclers are welcome to arrange for delivery themselves once they have gone through the asbestos clearance process with the Armstrong team.
  2. Will the recycling material be picked up using Armstrong transport/truck?
    Armstrong uses external freight carriers for recycling pickups.
  3. How long will it take for the material to be picked up?
    Normally, a minimum of five business days from the Recycling Center’s receipt of the quote acceptance email and completion of the billing process, unless the customer requests pick up on a specific date.
  4. Can a shipment be refused for pickup?
    Yes. If the material is not staged per our guidelines, the shipment could be refused, and additional charges assessed.
  5. What size trailer is available for pickup?
    We typically suggest 53 ft. trailers to maximize efficient transportation.
  6. Can a carrier provide lift gate service?
    Yes. Lift gate service is available at an additional charge for live load pickups only. If a trailer is to be dropped on premises, the customer must provide a lift truck to load the material onto the trailer.
  7. If a trailer is dropped on the premises, who do I contact for pickup?
    Armstrong’s Ceilings Recycling program team will always be your point of contact. Please do not call the carrier directly. You may contact ceiling recycling contact at 1-877-276-7876 (option 4)

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Recycling Certificates

  1. Does Armstrong provide recycling certificates?
    Yes. Armstrong will prepare and distribute certificates to customers if requested. This documentation can be used to document waste diversion credits and embodied carbon savings associated with the project.
  2. How long does it take to receive the recycling certificate from the pickup date?
    Typically, within 30 days from the date material is picked up.

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