Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

Health Product Declarations

HPDs enable manufacturers to present product ingredients in a format that is consistent, transparent and in a common industry language.

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Health product transparency is the reporting of building product and material content and the contents’ potential impacts on human health. These documents do not replace the need or use of OSHA Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) product labeling regulations. While some information may be duplicated, each includes information not covered in the other.

USGBC LEED v4, Living Building Challenge, Healthy Product Declaration Collaborative, and many other customers and guidelines now call for reporting of health related ingredients in all building materials. HPDs contribute to the requirement for Material Ingredient Disclosure.

Armstrong Ceilings is committed to transparency.  With the launch of our SUSTAIN portfolio, including ceiling panels, suspensions systems, TECTUM ceilings and walls, trims and transitions and drywall grid, over 800 items are part of the SUSTAIN portfolio. All of these items have product family HPDs. Click below to view/download.