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Why Sound Control Matters Between Floors

IIC for Sound-transmission & Impact-insulation Control

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Impact Isolation Clip, New Orleans

Learn how the construction crew working on two condominium projects in New Orleans use the Impact Isolation Clip (IIC) for sound-transmission and impact-insulation control, a crucial yet affordable installation element in projects of every scale today. Sound control is not only the norm during all phases of construction for condos and apartments, but it's expected.

Why Sound Control Matters

The International Building Code (IBC) provides guidelines to ensure that construction meets suitable sound isolation performance for commercial and multi-family buildings, like the condo projects in New Orleans. Each level of sound-deadening detail used during construction can help reduce the overall transmission of sound, including the use of the IIC, all while simplifying your installation process. The IBC requires adequate insulation of all common spaces during each phase of the construction process to prevent the movement of sound.

On the Job Perspective

Andy Thomas, Senior Project Manager, Johnson Drywall Solutions, shares the importance of impact-insulation control on job sites. He states, "It's something we've seen, probably in the last several years, really come into play with acousticians and architects and with these condo projects." Andy further explains that condo residents expect a quiet living space - one without obtrusive noise from neighboring units, above and below, and by using the IIC, it helps maintain the sound separation between floors.

He goes on to state that the IIC is a simplistic but effective, easy-to-use clip that allows you to be more productive on the job site: "It is a rubber clip into the grid, tie the wire, and you're done." Andy explains that ceiling installers can keep the IIC clips in their tool pouch, quickly pull them out when needed, and attach them to the grid without missing a beat. Long gone are the hassles of traditional ISO systems - double tying wires and complicated adjustments once you start to hang the drywall on the grid.


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