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Do you have questions about the ceiling schedule, cost, or installation? We have the answers and ceiling construction expertise to keep your project on time, on budget, and on the mark.

With the broadest portfolio in the industry, backed by decades of design and installation expertise. Our pre-engineered solutions are tested for maximum performance and efficiency from one end of the building to the other.

We take great pride in helping you improve construction efficiencies, jobsite production, and constructability through training, while making sure the design intent is maintained.

Jobsite Case Studies

Check out the all-new Build It Better Series with host Cliff Snedeker. Sharing jobsite stories from the contractors POV is his mission. Tune in to see where he lands next!
Jobsite Case Studies

Training Opportunities

<b>UBC Train the Trainer</b>
UBC Train the Trainer

The focus will be on job planning, layout, creation of templates, and installation of flat drywall grid ceiling and soffits.

<b>Drywall Grid</b>
Drywall Grid

Learn the full capabilities of our Drywall Grid System vs. traditional construction methods (4’, 6’, KAM, G90).

<b>ShortSpan Framing</b>
ShortSpan Framing

Advanced flat framing in corridors and small rooms (LPSS, SS, StrongBack, LPM).

<b>Advanced Soffits</b>
Advanced Soffits

Build 90°, step, pocket, bulkhead, and light cove soffits with our Drywall Grid System (DW90, Wood Jigs)

<b>Faceted Drywall Grid</b>
Faceted Drywall Grid

Curved Drywall Grid solutions for Domes, Barrels, Vaults, much more (F08, F016 mains).


Discover labor savings when transitioning from one ceiling to another (All Steel & Aluminum Transitions)

<b>Data Centers</b>
Data Centers

Learn how to suspend data center components above the ceiling in this new modular solution.

<b>Lighting Solutions</b>
Lighting Solutions

Dive into the many integrated lighting solutions we offer across linear, cove, and downlighting.

<b>Shade Pockets</b>
Shade Pockets

Learn how to integrate shades, air distribution, and changes in ceiling elevation at the window.

<b>Clean Rooms</b>
Clean Rooms

When particles matter see how our offering of clean room solutions can help with your healthcare project.

<b>Seismic Solutions</b>
Seismic Solutions

What you need to know for all code requirements around Seismic Rx tested solutions.

<b>Clips & Accessories</b>
Clips & Accessories

We have a clip for that. Get a hands-on experience as we walk-through the many use cases of our extensive portfolio.

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