​METALWORKS Tartan Custom System

The METALWORKS Tartan Custom System offers a broad range of metal panel size, perforation and finish options in a bold, exposed wide grid system.

Key Features & Performance

  • Large-format panels – up to 48" x 48"
  • Exposed grid system in a variety of widths and modules up to 60" x 60"
  • Easy integration of lighting, HVAC, and sprinklers
  • Wide choice of perforations and colors
  • Downward accessibility – minimum plenum clearance required
  • Swing down options available for maximum easy access
  • Acoustical correction


Special Applications

Color Options

  • Custom colors are available
  • Standard colors are Global White, Silver Grey (RAL 9006) and Gun Metal Grey (RAL 9007)

System Sizes

  • Tartan System modules:
    Tartan Systems may be provided in a variety of modules up to 60" center to center.
    Modules may be square or rectangular.
  • Exposed grid members and Crossing boxes:
    The elements of the exposed suspension system are available in a variety of widths:
    4", 6", 8", 12". Any length may be specified up to 12' 0"
  • Panels:
    Panels may be square or rectangular and may fill the Tartan grid opening in a variety of patterns. The largest single square panel offered is 48" x 48" – using a 12" exposed grid member (C-channel) with this size panel will yield a system on a 60" x 60" module. (Larger sizes can be difficult to install and keep in flat condition. Perforation patterns and lighting conditions can make such panels appear unsightly).

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