SUPPLY of Manheim

The Challenge:

SUPPLY is a new, multi-use facility that houses a large co-working space, multiple event spaces, a photo studio, and a number of permanent business spaces. Previously an auto recon center, the facility’s interior underwent a major renovation and now features an industrial, exposed structure look along with a clean, all-white decor.

Soon after its opening, however, acoustical problems in the form of excessive reverberation arose in the co-working area and the largest event space. “There are a lot of hard surfaces from the concrete floor to the gypsum roof deck, so sound really bounced around,” states co-owner and operations manager, T.J. Mousetis.  

The Solution:

To help solve the problem in the co-working space, Mousetis installed FORMATIONS Acoustical Clouds from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. Available in 19 standard shapes and sizes, Formations cloud systems consist of 2' x 2' ceiling panels and a kit containing all the suspension system and perimeter trim components required to create the cloud.

At SUPPLY, four custom FORMATIONS clouds were installed with an integrated lighting component from JLC Tech, the only T-BAR light certified for fit and finish for the VECTOR suspension system. This was done instead of a traditional wall-to-wall acoustical ceiling to retain as much of the open look as possible while still obtaining sound absorption over the work spaces.

SOUNDSCAPES Blades acoustical panels from Armstrong Ceilings were selected for the 2,000-square-foot event space to preserve the look of the fully exposed ceiling. The 172 convex-shaped elements offer a linear visual along with excellent sound absorption.

“The open look is a key feature in the event space and we wanted to keep it intact,” Mousetis explains. “As a result, we did not want to draw attention to the ceiling and installed the panels directly to the 18-foot-high deck. By doing so, we were able to incorporate an acoustical treatment that was almost invisible.”

Prior to installation of the Blades panels, reverberation time was nearly nine seconds, causing a major distraction at functions in the space. Following installation, the reverberation time dropped to only two seconds. “It’s amazing the difference a ceiling can make,” Mousetis states.

Project: Supply of Manheim

Location: Manheim, PA

Products: FORMATIONS Acoustical Clouds and SOUNDSCAPES Blades