Westfield Santa Anita | Retail Ceiling Design

The Challenge:

With the completion of a multi-million dollar revitalization, Westfield Santa Anita promises a refreshed and sophisticated shopping, dining, and entertainment experience for its guests.

The centerpiece of the revitalization is a sophisticated Center Court which serves as a meeting place for the entire mall.

When designing the space, lead architect John Reistetter envisioned a new living room environment that would draw visitors to the 41,500 square foot Center Court. Reistetter wanted to include an architectural element that would reduce the scale of the exposed 80-foot ceiling. “We needed a second ceiling layer – something that would bring the ceiling closer to the floor – while allowing transparency to the clerestory windows in the existing ceiling.”

The Solution:

The solution was an Armstrong® METALWORKS custom baffles ceiling system installed in two runs on each side of the Center Court. Designed to resemble an open trellis, each run of the white vertical panels is roughly 226-feet long and 26-feet wide. The panels are 12-inches-high and 2-3/8-inches deep with 3-foot vertical returns at each end. They are installed approximately 16-inches apart on center at a height 45-feet above the floor.

Prior to installation, ceiling contractor Martin Integrated designed a drywall suspension system that complied with the load carrying and seismic requirements for the area. “We had to build vertical faces out of the drywall grid and brace them to control movement of the panels,” explains owner Marty Hovivian. “During an earthquake, the ceiling moves left to right. The vertical face provides the seismic control needed to keep the panels from breaking free during seismic activity.”

The design team was pleased with the result, describing the ceiling treatment as one of the most successful elements of the overall project. “The ceiling system aesthetically defines the way we wanted the space to appear,” says Reistetter. “It breaks down the overall volume of the Center Court while allowing illumination and providing contrast to the darkly painted existing ceiling. It creates an ambience and makes the space feel more intimate.”

Project: Westfield Santa Anita

Location: Arcadia, CA

Architect: Westfield Design & Construction, Century City, CA

Products: METALWORKS Custom Baffles Ceiling System