Carmen & David's Creamery | Acoustical Ceiling Clouds & Canopies

The Challenge:

Before they could open their new establishment, the owners of Carmen & David’s Creamery had to transform a former coffee shop with its dark purple and deep red interior into a whimsical ice cream parlor with bright, cheerful colors.

As co-owner Carmen Garcia-Hommel explains, “We wanted to create a fun space using colors people normally don’t see at home. We considered ice cream colors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but eventually decided on more vibrant sherbet colors such as lime, mango and lemon.”

Garcia-Hommel was able to attain her goal with one exception...the ceiling.

“We were able to add color to just about every surface in the shop but the ceiling, because we thought we couldn’t do anything with it.”

The Solution:

To complete the final portion of the transformation, co-owner David Hommel partnered with Armstrong Ceilings to install a variety of SOUNDSCAPES Shapes Acoustical Clouds and SOUNDSCAPES Acoustical Canopies in custom colors throughout the shop.

A three-part custom ceiling cloud, in the shape of a cone and two scoops of ice cream, now highlights the ceiling in the serving area, while a pair of cones, each with a single scoop, adorn the adjacent seating area. In addition to the cone-shaped clouds, seven concave and convex 3’ x 3’ SOUNDSCAPES Canopies are suspended over tables in the serving and seating areas.

All of the canopies, as well as the clouds, are in custom colors that coordinate with the sherbet-like colors of the shop’s interior.

According to Garcia-Hommel, the new ceiling treatments have definitely made a difference. “The installation of the shapes and canopies has added wonderful depth and visual appeal to the ceiling,” she says. “Everyone who comes in looks up and can’t help but notice them.”

Project: Carmen & David's Creamery

Location:  Lancaster, PA

Products: SOUNDSCAPES Acoustical Canopies