METALWORKS RH200 Flat & Curved Systems

The MetalWorks RH200 Plank and Curved Systems offer a broad range of metal panel size, perforation, and finish options within the framework of an efficient, economical, and well-proven suspension system.

Key Features

  • Most versatile interior and exterior custom system for steel plank designs
  • Interior system is available in aluminum
  • Panel dimensions range from 9"- 2' wide and up to 8' long. Other sizes are available.
  • Curved steel panels can be convex or concave; available in a wide range of radii
  • Wide choice of perforations and colors
  • Accessible system utilizes J-bar suspension with rectangular hook-on (RH) panels
  • Fully concealed suspension system
  • 3mm reveal joint detail with variety of perimeter options
  • Factory cutouts available for recessed lights and sprinklers
  • Engineered and tested for use in seismic zones
  • Offered in Wood Look finishes as well as custom RAL colors
Special Applications

Now in aluminum for more choices
MetalWorks RH200 Plank is now available in both aluminum and steel.


We're here to help! Due to nonstandard dimensions, finishes, and performance features for these METALWORKS systems, please call 1-877-276-7876 to work with the Architectural Specialties project management team. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.