Drop Ceiling Update

5 Looks for a Drop Ceiling Update

5 Looks for a Drop Ceiling Update

Who knew updating a drop ceiling could be so fun?

Create a basement straight out of a magazine, starting with a new, easy to install ceiling. Say goodbye to boring and dingy ceiling panels and hello to an updated and stylish new look.

Look 1: Cover Your Ceiling Grid

With WOODHAVEN planks, you can transform your basement in no time without having to remove the existing grid. WOODHAVEN planks come in a variety of styles and finishes. Choosing your favorite may be the hardest step in the whole process! Be sure to look through our photo galleries for inspiration, and use your favorite magazines and websites for ideas. These wood look planks can transform your basement into any style, from traditional to country living to modern and contemporary.

PDF WoodHaven Plank Installation Instructions

Once you’ve picked your style, it’s time to install. Just like wood floors, WOODHAVEN planks have tongues and grooves to secure each piece and create a tight seam. You will also notice that these planks completely cover your existing grid for a refined and finished look (no grid lines). Remember to stagger the planks to reduce waste and create a more natural finish.

Look 2: Cover Your Exposed Joists

If you just have exposed joists or want to tear down your grid, you’re still in luck. WOODHAVEN planks are so versatile that you can install planks directly to the exposed joists in a perpendicular manor or use the Easy Up Installation System to install parallel to joists. For the perfect finish, install trim or molding to the borders of your new ceiling. 

BONUS: You can even use the WOODHAVEN planks on walls! Painted White, Classic White, and Beadboard planks can be installed on the lower half of the wall as wainscoting or as a full statement wall – run planks horizontally or vertically! 

Look 3: Upgrade that Drywall or Popcorn

Partial to the farmhouse chic style that’s been made so popular by certain TV personalities? Lighter and less expensive Country Classic Planks can also be installed using the Easy Up tracks and clips over plaster and popcorn, but also can be installed with to existing flat drywall ceilings. The mineral fiber material is lightweight and allows you to cut the pieces easily with a razor blade. While it comes in a white finish, you may also paint or stain this plank to create a custom look.

PDF Country Classic Plank Installation Instructions

Look 4: Refresh and Upgrade

Wood looks aren’t for everyone, though. If you are looking to find a quick and easy drop ceiling update, take a look at the simple and elegant upgrades of 24” x 48” panels. You can choose from a smooth white panel or one of the Sahara panels. The Sahara Scored I panel creates the look of 12” x 12” tiles, while the Sahara Scored II creates a 24” x 24” visual. With easy access to pipes, ducts, and wiring and a clean finish, these 24” x 48” ceiling panels won’t disappoint.

Look 5: Convert to a 24” x 24” Ceiling

Don’t forget to check out the 24” x 24” panels as well. With Armstrong Ceilings’ 94 different options to choose from, you may find the perfect match to your style in these tiles. Some of these tiles minimalize the grid appearance and all of them install easily. Just pop in cross tees to a 24” x 48” grid to create the 24” x 24” grid. You can go more basic for a minimalist approach, compliment your lavish design with a beautiful real metal pattern, or even create a stunning movie room with a black panel.

PDF Convert a 24" x 48" Ceiling Into a 24" x 24" Ceiling

Drop ceilings no longer need to be ugly. A drop ceiling update don’t even need to look like drop ceilings any more! Whether you choose to update with planks or panels, you will have a new and improved ceiling in just a weekend. Who knew ceilings could be so fun?

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