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Model #5424321NAR

24" x 48" METALLAIRE Hammered Trefoil Brass

Model #5424321NAR

24" x 48" METALLAIRE Hammered Trefoil Brass

With its iconic fleur de lis, Hammered Trefoil 24-in x 48-in nail-up panels in brass deliver texture and design for visual interest. These panels can be used as a surface mount ceiling or as an accent wall. (Note: Photos and videos below may show only ceiling applications.)

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  • Installation Method

    Surface Mount (maximizes ceiling height)

  • Edge Detail

    Thin Metal Edge

Great for Walls!

Did you know that METALLAIRE surface mount ceiling tiles can also be used on walls?

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Used to install 24"x 48" METALLAIRE surface mount ceiling and wall panels as well as 18.5"x 48.5" METALLAIRE backsplash panels.

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