How to Maintain an Armstrong Ceiling

Maintaining an Armstrong Ceiling is Easy

Here are a few quick tips to keep your Armstrong Ceiling looking like new:

1. Remove dust or loose dirt with a brush or vacuum with an attachment used for upholstery. Always clean in one direction to avoid rubbing dirt or debris into the tile.

2. Remove pencil marks, smudges, and stubborn dirt with an ordinary art gum eraser.

3. Use fresh, good grade wall cleaner to tackle stubborn spots.

4. Most mineral fiber and fiberglass ceilings may be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap. Use as little water as possible and wipe the soapy film off with a clean, damp cloth or sponge.  *Please note that this cleaning method does not apply to cloth-faced ceiling panels.

5. Some ceilings can withstand scrubbing, moisture and germicidal cleaners. Be sure to read the performance features of your specific ceiling.


Before you Reach for the Paintbrush

1. Armstrong cannot guarantee the printed performance of a ceiling after repainting. Repainting can impact performance features such as: light reflectance, fire resistance, acoustical performance, and anti-sag.*

2. Repainting renders ineffective any mold-inhibiting or retarding treatment.

3. All warranties will be voided by field painting.

4. The Frequently Asked Questions page provides more specific details about field painting. 

* TECTUM ceiling and wall panels can be field painted up to 6 times without impact to fire resistance or acoustics performance.


Is your commercial ceiling beyond maintenance or repair?

Visit the Find a Replacement page to find a replacement ceiling that matches your existing ceiling and instantly freshen up any space.