FRAMEALL Cross Tees Now Available With Knurled Ridges

Grid and Trim


LANCASTER, Pa. — Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has announced that its FRAMEALL drywall grid cross tees are now available with knurled ridges along the length of the cross tee. The new feature improves screw grab and reduces screw spin-out during board installation.

In addition to improved handling, knurled ridges also stiffen the tees. When screwing tee to tee, there is no need to C-clamp the tees together for a clean screw grab through both tees. The ridges facilitate easy screw installation through both tees. FRAMEALL drywall cross tees with knurled ridges feature the Armstrong SCREWSTOP reverse hem that prevents screw spin off on a 1-1/2" wide face. Combined with the Armstrong XL stab-in end detail that provides a secure locked connection and the Armstrong PEAKFORM profile that increases strength and stability, FRAMEALL cross tees with knurled ridges provide a performance advantage enabling contractors to work faster and easier.

All FRAMEALL products carry a “Made in the USA” label indicating at least 95 percent of the material is sourced and manufactured in the states. FRAMEALL drywall grid cross tees with knurled ridges are also part of the Armstrong SUSTAIN portfolio and meet the highest sustainability compliance standards in the industry today..

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FRAMEALL Drywall Grid

Knurled ridges on cross tees join other unique performance features like PEAKFORM profile, SCREWSTOP hem, and the XL staked-on end detail.​