FAST134 Program from Armstrong Offers Quick Lead Times for Standard Specialty Ceiling & Wall Solutions

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LANCASTER, Pa. – With the launch of its new FAST134 Program, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions is making its standard specialty ceiling and wall products available for shipment in four weeks or less.

Focused on quick lead times, the new FAST134 Program offers lead times of one, three, and four weeks, depending upon which product is selected.

Available for more than 40 specialty product lines, ranging from metal, wood, and felt to vertical elements, shapes, and walls, the program provides a variety of FAST options that are ideal for projects on a short timeline.

“We recently had a customer needing linear metal product in two weeks," said Bettie Donate, of Acoustical Material Services, Anaheim, CA. "Using the FAST134 Program, we were able to meet their needs more quickly than in past 'order emergencies'."

Specialty solution products available through the FAST134 Program can be viewed and specified directly on the Armstrong website. By clicking on one of three FAST icons – designating either a one-week, three-week, or four-week order-to-ship time – customers can view all the products available within the desired lead time, including specific colors, finishes, sizes, and perforation options. If the desired product is not available to meet aproject deadline, web filters can be used to find a suitable alternative.

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FAST134 Program

Quick lead times for standard specialty ceiling & wall solutions.
FAST134 Program