FAST134 Program From Armstrong Offers Quick Lead Times For Standard Specialty Ceiling & Wall Solutions

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LANCASTER, Pa. – Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions is giving customers aconvenient way to avert today’s supply chain frustrations with its online FAST134 Program. The program allows anyone to go to the company’s website to explore a list of more than 48 standard specialty ceiling and wall product lines that can beshipped within one, three or four weeks.

With more than 4,200 products offering an order-to-ship lead time of four weeks or less, FAST134 gives customers the ability to meet a variety of design and budget needs, as well as accomplish in a few weeks what could take months or longer in the current environment. Moreover, the FAST134 inventory is updated weekly, allowing customers to be confident that they will receive what they ordered without facing delays or being informed they need to select a different product.

“FAST134 empowers our customers to lead with speed because time is money,” said Michael C. Winters, vice-president, Architectural Specialties, Armstrong World Industries. “For almost three years now supply chain challenges have cost businesses in every imaginable industry far too much. Moreover, end users no longer tolerate the excuse of pandemic and geopolitical-driven delays—they want their projects done quickly, beautifully, on budget and on schedule. By giving customers current, regularly updated product options available in four weeks or less, we’re giving them a solution for meeting all these demands and staying competitive.”

The FAST134 website is designed to be extremely user-friendly. The tool allows a customer to narrow selections for their project based on desired lead time—one, three or four weeks—material type, and/or product family. Options shown include specific colors, finishes, sizes and perforation patterns and, if the desired product is not available to meet a project deadline, web filters can be used to find a suitable alternative. Because products represent standard pre-engineered solutions, there is also no need for shop drawings or submitting sample approvals.

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FAST134 Program

Quick lead times for standard specialty ceiling & wall solutions.