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Different spaces have different needs – confidentiality in closed spaces, noise control in concentration spaces or collaborative environments, and a balance of sound in hospitality venues, for example.

As more and more spaces are designed with no ceilings and hard, reflective surfaces the result is excessive reverberation – which can lead to decreased productivity and less engaged employees, inhibit students’ ability to learn, and leave patrons struggling to hear and be heard.


  • Spaces with no ceiling and exposed building service elements cause sound to reflect off the deck and create excessive reverberation
  • Large spaces require sound absorption to reduce distracting noise
  • Reverberation time and sound level can be significantly improved with the installation of acoustical clouds, canopies, blades, and baffles

The right sound can make a world of difference – learn more about the solutions that can help you manage reverberation time and control noise in your space.

Different Ways of Adding Sound Absorption

5,000 SF office space (100' x 50'), 15' to deck, drywall with windows on two sides, commercial carpet

Hear the Difference