Reduce The Impact Of Wildfire Smoke Indoors

Wildfires continue to increase in frequency and severity, spreading across North America. Wildfire smoke exposes us all to harmful pollutants outside and inside the buildings we occupy. At every age, the harmful effects of wildfire smoke can impact our health and quality of life. 

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Why Wildfire Smoke Is An INDOOR Problem

"My team’s own research shows impacts on cognitive performance from short term exposures [e.g. wildfires], and that’s in addition to what people experience in terms of eye irritation, trouble breathing, coughing, and headaches."

- Dr. Joseph G. Allen, DSc, MPH, CIH | Director, Harvard Healthy Buildings Program

Dr. Joe Allen was instrumental in the creation of the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge and is the leader of Harvard Healthy Buildings Program and 9 Foundations

Up To 35% More Effective Than Floor Unit**


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** Study performed by Jaros, Baum & Bolles Consulting Engineers, New York, NY