Healthcare Facilities

Ceilings Make A Difference In Places Where We Heal

Contributing to great acoustics, lighting & air quality to create healthy & restful spaces when we need it most.

Designing For Adaptability and Resilience in Healthcare

Creating spaces that elevate patient care and comfort are a top priority. Building in adaptability and resilience to the space is a necessity now more than ever.

Increasing the performance of the built environment means reducing hospital-acquired infections and getting people home faster.

Whether you are currently renovating or designing new construction, you can start at the ceiling to surround patients and staff with healthy, sustainable building materials. These products that make a difference by cleaning and disinfecting the air and providing acoustic performance that supports privacy and patient well-being.

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Indoor Environmental Quality in Healthcare Facilities

New Patients

Number of people who check into a U.S. hospital each day*.

Airborne Infections

Studies suggest that 10% to 20% of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are the result of airborne transmission**.

Excessive Sound

Peak Hospital noise levels often exceed 90 db, similar to a lawn mower or hair dryer.



“It was a significant improvement,” he says. “We are now able to maintain the required pressure throughout the day.... If we need another room that requires negative pressure, I would highly recommend this system.”

- Kevin McNeil, Director of Plant Operations, Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital



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Case Study

The Inova Health System opened a 12-story, 660,000-square-foot building that houses two distinct facilities – the Inova Women’s Hospital and the Inova Children’s Hospital. Because good acoustics plays such an important role in the health safety, and well-being of patients and staff alike and contribute to indoor environmental quality, the acoustics were a consideration in the design. ULTIMA ceiling panels were used in much of the building, including patient rooms, treatment rooms, corridors, nurses’ stations, and consultation rooms, ideal for sound absorption and blocking. OPTIMA ceilings panels were installed in the nurseries and NICUs for sounds absorption.

Project: Inova Women’s Hospital/Inova Children’s Hospital

Location: Falls Church, VA

Architect: Wilmot Sanz, Gaithersburg, MD


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* Based on 2019 data
** Kowalski, 2016