Dallas Love Field Airport | Linear Metal Ceiling

The Challenge:

The Dallas Department of Aviation wanted to impart a sleek, more contemporary look to Love Field as part of an extensive modernization program.

One of the first steps was the renovation of the existing baggage claim area. According to Dan Hursin, Senior Architect for CH2M, one of the city’s main design objectives was to make the space lighter, brighter and airier.

The Solution:

To impart a new ambience to the interior, the CH2M design team believed it needed to create as much ceiling height as possible. To solve this challenge, however, the team had to work around a major air duct that ran down the length of the space.

In order to conceal the duct and create as much ceiling height as possible, the team designed an undulating metal ceiling that measures approximately 300′ long and 62′ wide and ranges in height from 8′ to 21′ feet.

Chosen for the space was a METALWORKS Linear - Classics metal ceiling. Hursin notes metal was selected for a number of reasons. “We were limited in terms of what we could use because of the range of radii needed to implement our design,” he states. “We required a ceiling material that offered flexibility and could be installed relatively easily. The linear metal ceiling turned out to be the solution.

“The metal ceiling also allowed us to introduce more of an aerodynamic look into the space,” he adds. “We wanted a ceiling that had a free-flowing look to it rather than one that was in segments, and this ceiling accomplished that.”

Hursin also notes that even though it’s in the baggage claim area, the new ceiling has helped give a “signature” look to the airport. ”A ceiling can make a big impact in public spaces,” he says. “The new baggage claim area at Love Field is proof.”

Project: Dallas Love Field Airport

Location: Dallas , TX

Architect: CH2M Hill

Products: METALWORKS Linear - Classics