GE Customer Experience Center


The Challenge:

The Customer Experience Center (CEC) at the GE Advanced Manufacturing Works showcases the history, progression, and manufacturing advancements of the GE brand, and hosts a multitude of corporate events. As a result, the design team at MCA looked to create a multi-functional open space that was dynamic and energetic.  

The Solution:

To meet the design intention, the team selected 53 circular FORMATIONS Acoustical Clouds from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. FORMATIONS cloud systems consist of 2' x 2' ceiling panels in a factory-finished kit containing all the pre-cut-to-length, ready-to-assemble suspension system and perimeter trim components required to create the cloud.

According to project architect, Michael Kissam, the FORMATIONS ceiling system was selected for several reasons. “First,” he says, “we were looking for a ceiling treatment that was not static or overbearing but evoked a sense of movement, dynamism, and progression.

“Second, we were under an extremely aggressive design and construction schedule that had to be completed in nine months from design start to customer occupancy. The FORMATIONS cloud kits provided a unique advantage because the clouds could be fabricated on ground level and raised to their finish elevations at the last possible moment. This installation sequence allowed for the necessary overhead utility work to be completed while mitigating the ceiling grid and tile damage that is a reoccurring problem for typical project close-outs.

“Last, we needed a cost effective ceiling system that could meet the design intent, construction schedule, and budget. The FORMATIONS clouds delivered on all fronts.”

Kissam notes that the aesthetic and acoustics were important considerations because the space is a showcase for GE’s worldwide customers. “The majority of the surfaces are glass walls and ceramic tile flooring, so the ceiling system was our only opportunity to control the acoustics,” he explains. “By layering and overlapping the clouds, the ceiling system created a baffling effect that proved to be highly effective.”

“The finished product and function exceeded our design intention and, more importantly, the customer’s expectations,” he states.

Project: Customer Experience Center at GE Advanced Manufacturing Works

Location: Greenville, SC

Architect: MCA Architecture, Greenville, SC

Products: FORMATIONS Acoustical Clouds