CMD Construction | Indoor Air Quality


The Challenge:

CMD Construction is a general contractor that has been servicing the commercial real estate industry in southern California for more than 40 years. It recently moved into larger quarters as a result of continuing growth. According to CMD Vice President, Nick Dedmon, one of the objectives of the move was to provide the employees with an indoor environment that made them feel safe. “It was important to us that we provide them with peace of mind.”  

The Solution:

One way the firm met that objective was improved indoor air quality. It did so by incorporating a package of healthy space solutions by Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions. The effort included replacing the existing ceiling with ULTIMA HEALTH ZONE AIRASSURE acoustical ceiling panels and adding VIDASHIELD UV24 air purification units to the space.

AirAssure panels incorporate a gasket in their design and, when placed in a standard ceiling suspension system, improve indoor air quality by forming a tight seal with the grid and reducing airflow leakage through the ceiling plane. The AirAssure panels reduce leakage up to four times more than other ceiling panels. Reducing air leaks can significantly increase the effectiveness of air ventilation and filtration systems. Over 1,500 square feet of ceiling panels were installed.

AirAssure ceilings feature TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance, meaning they provide an ideal combination of sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC) in one panel. They are also part of the Armstrong SUSTAIN portfolio that meets today’s most stringent industry sustainability standards, and the new 24/7 Defend portfolio of ceiling and wall products that contribute to healthier, safer spaces and cleaner air.

The VIDASHIELD UV24 air purification system operates by continuously drawing air into a self-contained chamber in the ceiling plenum where the air is treated safely with ultraviolet light air-cleaning technology. The cleaner air then circulates back into the room. Two purification units were installed, one in the lobby and one in the conference room.

Dedmon explains the new space is now used as a showcase for current and prospective clients. “Many of the ceiling upgrades and alternatives we offer are installed in the space so that clients can see them,” he says. “People are not used to seeing technology in the ceiling, so the VIDASHIELD units definitely get noticed,” he adds. As an example, Dedmon points to the Irvine Company, one of the largest building owners in Orange County and one of his firm’s biggest clients. “They are committed to healthy spaces and are fascinated with the new ceiling system as a means to improve indoor air quality. It has definitely piqued their interest,” he states.