Clemmons Architecture

The Challenge:

Clemmons Architecture of St. Petersburg, FL is known for its renovations of older structures. It recently had to practice what it preaches when it relocated its own offices to a 1926 building. In its new space, the firm desired an aesthetically pleasing environment as well as one that performed well acoustically because of its open plan layout.

The Solution:

To help meet both criteria, the firm chose an Armstrong TECHZONE ceiling, a new integrated acoustical ceiling system that organizes light fixtures, air diffusers and sprinkler heads in a compact 6-inch-wide linear “zone” that visually coordinates with large-scale Armstrong OPTIMA ceiling panels.

The firm initially considered an open plenum look, but decided against it because of both fire safety and aesthetic issues. According to Project Manager, Greg Glenn, the firm then chose the TECHZONE system for a number of reasons.

One was acoustics. “Our old offices had a lot of hard surfaces, including a drywall ceiling, so there was not much auditory privacy,” he says. “The new ceiling makes a big difference, both in terms of privacy and the overall noise level.”

Another was aesthetics. “We really liked the clean, modern look of the system,” he states. “Compared to a traditional ceiling system, it is far less busy. And, because of the size of the panels and their fine-textured surface, most visitors don’t even realize it’s an acoustical ceiling.

“We also liked the modularity of the system,” he adds, “because it eliminates much of the guesswork for the installer in terms of where to place the lights, sprinklers and such. It’s much more predictable, which means fewer problems for the contractor.”

Finally, Glenn notes that, “Based on our own experience, we’ll have no problem recommending the system to clients. For a clean, contemporary look, it’s the way to go.”

Project: Clemmons Architecture

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Architect: Clemmons Architecture

Products: TECHZONE Ceiling System