Evolution Power Yoga | Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The Challenge:

When Evolution Power Yoga decided to open a second studio, indoor air quality was a consideration. “Indoor air quality is extremely important in a yoga studio,” states owner, Lisa Taylor. “We continually tell students to take very deep breaths. As a result, we want the air to be clean, dust-free, and hygienic.”

The Solution:

To enhance air quality, the studio installed ULTIMA with AIRGUARD Coating. AIRGUARD is the first coating for ceiling tiles that removes formaldehyde in indoor air.

The breakthrough, patent-pending coating technology converts naturally occurring and man-made formaldeheyde present in interiors into an inert substance captured by the ceiling.

Applied to the back of ceiling tiles, the AIRGUARD Coating removes aldehydes during the early occupancy of a space. Tests show that it removes over 90% of formaldehyde during the first year of use, when off-gassing from new materials presents the greatest risk to occupant health. Over 10 years, the average formaldehyde reduction is 50%.

The coating also reduces exposure level and time during “spike” periods occurring when formaldehyde concentrations increase due to human activity and indoor air reactions with products like cleaning agents and office equipment.

Tests validated the performance of the AIRGUARD Coating. Measurements taken before installation showed a formaldehyde level of 30 parts per billion. After installation of the ceiling tiles, it was 8 parts per billion... a reduction of over 73%.

“We’re just thrilled with the results,” states instructor Jane Fairorth. “Visually, the fine-textured ceiling panels give the space a polished look. But to know that they are also improving the air quality is just amazing.”

Independent tests also validate the performance of AIRGUARD Coating. It is a UL-Environment™ Certified Product and listed in the UL Database of Validated and Certified Products. UL provides independent testing and evaluation of claims and reassesses through the UL Conformity Integrity Service to assure compliance.

Project: Evolution Power Yoga

Location: York, PA

Products: ULTIMA with AIRGUARD Coating