Linear Lighting

Lighting Integration Made Easy


Continuous or non-continuous layouts - inspiring symmetry to match your building design. Click on the solutions below to learn more.

  • Techzone


    Organized. Simple. Clean. The industry’s first easy-to-specify-and-install ceiling solution with integrated technical services.

    Leave the “noise” behind – the clutter of lighting, air diffusers and returns, sprinkler systems, and unwanted sound – that busy the ceiling plane. TechZone easily organizes these systems into 4", 6", or 12" wide technical zones. A range of compatible fixtures from our partner companies have been prequalified for fit and finish. The result – a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems.

    • Create a sleek ceiling design with uninterrupted ribbons of light
    • Alternate continuous lights and diffusers with other services for a monolithic, uncluttered visual
    • Easy installation
    • Seismic tested 


    TechZone Yoke Installation

  • Acoustical On-Center Linear Lighting

    Acoustical On-Center Linear Lighting

    We can help you deliver your vision of a perfectly symmetrical continuous or discontinuous linear lighting layout using factory finished ceiling panels and suspension systems with on-center spacing to match your building design.

    • Continuous or Non-continuous Layouts – inspiring symmetry to match your building design
    • Zero Interference – eliminates interference with mechanicals in the plenum
    • Visually replaces main runner; aligns lighting with grid module


    Linear Lighting Installation with the XAL LENO Zero Plenum Luminaire

  • Drywall Linear Lighting

    Drywall Linear Lighting

    Create inspiring ceiling designs with higher ceiling heights, zero plenum interference, and on-center continuous or non-continuous customized layouts that provide clean, modern aesthetics.

    • Seamless integration between drywall ceilings and linear lighting for consistent fit and finish
    •  Leverage LED in long runs to create a monolithic look - varying length and on-center spacing true to design intent
    • Faster and easier to build and install compared to traditional framed linear lighting
    • Light fixture installs from below the ceiling to optimize ceiling heights

  • T-BAR LED Smartlight

    T-BAR LED Smartlight

    The XLED clip is mounted at each end for easy installation into Armstrong 15/16" or 9/16" ceiling suspension system allowing the fixture to become a part of the certified ceiling assembly eliminating the use of support wires. T-BAR LED Smartlight replaces selected cross tees of the grid ceiling suspension system where light is desired.

    • Zero plenum fixture with Armstrong XL cross tee clips installs like a standard cross tee for increased ceiling heights and seamless integration
    • Sleek energy efficient design reduces energy use up to 50% over conventional lighting
    • Maintain a uniform lighting design in your entire space , while achieving wall washing effects

    Armstrong Linear Lighting Story

  • Formations Lighting Cloud Kits

    Formations Lighting Cloud Kits

    Make a bold statement in signature areas without the hassle, cost, and risk associated with custom installations. Whether you choose standard or custom, the grid, trim, and hanging components come pre-cut and ready to go - in a kit. Panels are ordered and shipped separately.

    • Variety of options – configurations, panels, sizes, trim color, lighting, and applications – the possibilities are endless
    • Wide range of standard Axiom trim and suspension system colors adds a custom look in easy to specify kits
    • Kits come complete with our StrongBack carrying channel, eliminating 40% of the cables – minimizing visible wires

    Formations Cloud Kits Timelapse Comparison