EASY ELEGANCE Ceiling Panels

EASY ELEGANCE Ceiling Panels

View all of the EASY ELEGANCE product options. PVC, cleanable drop ceiling tiles. Great for basements and updating and repairing home ceilings.

The EASY ELEGANCE family of products offer great options for updating an existing suspended (drop) ceiling or even a new ceiling installation! These PVC tiles with coffered and smooth looks, various performance features, and easy installation, are the perfect choice for updating your space.

The Right Design for Your Space

EASY ELEGANCE panels come in shallow and deep coffers (black and white) and smooth white tile options. Coffers are 24" x 24" and smooth tiles come in 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" sizes.

Panels Clean Easy and Are Moisture-Resistant 

EASY ELEGANCE tiles offer various performance features including mold, mildew, and sag resistance, making them an excellent choice for basements and even bathrooms! Probably the most important feature is their cleanability. Because the tiles are made of plastic (PVC), they can easily be dusted and wiped down as-needed.

Where to Buy

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Installation Considerations

EASY ELGANCE ceiling tiles are easy to install in your existing drop ceiling grid or as part of a new suspended ceiling system. You simply drop the 24" x 24" or 24" x 48" plastic tiles into the grid and, in no time, you’ve completed your ceiling makeover. Converting a 24" x 48" grid to fit square plastic ceilings tiles is easy – just add 2’ cross tees between the main beams of the grid system. Because we don’t recommend cutting coffered tiles, use EASY ELEGANCE Flat White PVC ceiling tiles around the border of the space for a finished look.