ACOUSTAFFIX Sound Absorbing Panels

ACOUSTAFFIX Sound Absorbing Panels
Control acoustics while maintaining an open ceiling design with ACOUSTAFFIX sound absorbing panels. 

These 24" x 48" fine-textured panels provide superior sound absorption and blend into the design with either a black, white, or field-paintable finish option. Three installation methods allow panels to directly mount to ceilings or walls.

Key Features

  • Ideal for open or "industrial" ceilings and walls when traditional suspended ceilings are not desired
  • Designed to blend in with the existing deck while providing superior sound absorption (NRC up to 0.75)
  • Mounts directly to structure
  • Three options available – field paintable, and prefinished black and white
  • Prefinished options have a smooth, clean, durable finish – scratch-resistant, soil-resistant
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Can also be used on walls above 6 feet

3 Installation Options

The Truss Mounting Kit includes threaded rods and weld nuts and allows for panel installation on an open truss system. Field modifiable rods will work with a wide range of truss layouts and thicknesses. Available in coordinating finishes: White (2022WH), Black (2022BL), Mill (2022).

“All-in-one” Self-stop Fastener eliminates the need for a separate washer, allowing for a fast installation. A built-in self-stop feature prevents over-driving and damaging the panel. Fastener can be used for both ceiling and wall installations and are available in coordinating finishes: White (2021WH), Black (2021BL), Mill (2021).

Used to install sound absorbing panels to concrete, drywall, and plaster. Please follow adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for your installation.

Installation Instructions

Download the full ACOUSTAFFIX installation instructions (PDF).

Installation Instructions