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OUE Skyspace + You Inspire Solutions Center

The architect and ceiling contractor worked with the You Inspire Solutions Center to achieve the louvered design using custom Armstrong METALWORKS ceiling panels.


  • Collaborative design
  • Detail and layout drawings
  • Specifications
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Pre-construction assistance
  • Installation recommendations

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"It is amazing what can be done in a short amount of time. We had some really tight parameters to work with and I really can’t think of a smoother process given all the challenges we were facing with both schedule and cost."

- project architect Audrey Wu, of Gensler, Los Angeles

OUE Skyspace - US Bank Tower


The design team envisioned eight golden chevron ceiling clouds installed in the lobby on the 70th floor. The original design called for the clouds to be made from drywall material, but the drywall did not work with the mechanicals in the plenum and another design was needed.

“It’s quite amazing how close to the original vision they turned out. The chevron ceilings evoke the magic of the Los Angeles Golden Hour – that time of day when the light takes on a golden tone – and they reference the Hollywood glamour and art deco style of an earlier era.” - project architect Audrey Wu, of Gensler, Los Angeles

Project: OUE Skyspace - US Bank Tower

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Architect: Gensler

Products: METALWORKS Custom Ceiling System

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