• Build a Spec

    Build a ceiling specification and download a finish schedule.

    Save time and effort!

    1. Enter your project information
    2. Choose and add products to your spec
    3. Create and edit the spec in the tool or download as a word doc to edit in your own spec writing program


    • Choose to specify a ceiling, a grid, or both
    • Choose coordinating accessories to go with your ceiling and grid
    • Download a finish schedule

    View Sample Specification Document
    View Sample Finish Schedule


    If you have questions or cannot find a product, please contact a TechLine Expert

    Please note

    You are responsible for the accuracy of all project specifications, including any Armstrong guide specifications that you use. ARMSTRONG SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF ANY OF ITS GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS.

We're sorry! Build-a-Spec isn't available on mobile devices. Please visit us from your laptop or desktop to complete specs and finish schedules.