Creating Secure Environments with Metal Security Ceiling Systems


This seminar provides an education on security metal ceilings and the applications where they are used. This seminar will discuss the key design elements of security metal ceilings, including tamper-evident and tamper-proof systems, and will evaluate the appropriate level of security ceilings required. Participants will examine key performance attributes including acoustics and accessibility and will analyze the installation of the metal security systems, including how to accommodate for fixture integration within the secure ceiling.

Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) Justification: 
The seminar evaluates how aesthetic choices interact with performance, safety, and durability, providing participants with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions when designing commercial buildings that require various levels of security. Overall, this seminar provides valuable information for architects, designers, contractors, and building owners, enabling them to make informed decisions that prioritize health, safety, and welfare.

Recognized Associations 

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