Common Conditions

Details Make the Difference

Improve finished aesthetics with fewer installers on site with pre-engineered solutions

Shown above:  AXIOM Transitions

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions are pre-engineered with attention to detail, to ensure you control the finished aesthetic of the ceiling and achieve your design intent. At the same time, many solutions require fewer on-site installers, making it easier to distance workers and minimizing time on site.

On every project you will encounter some, if not all, of these common conditions. This section features:

  • Armstrong Ceilings pre-engineered integrated solutions for each common condition
  • Comparisons of our pre-engineered solutions vs. traditional construction methods
  • Benefits of pre-engineered solutions to the design and build out process

By using these integrated solutions, you will be able to specify and maintain the crisp, clean details you envision, while solving everyday challenges for installers.

Faster. Easier. Better – Ways to Save Time & Labor

ACOUSTIBUILT Ceiling Systems

Looks Like Drywall - Performs Like an Acoustical Ceiling.
ACOUSTIBUILT Ceiling Systems

Common Conditions