New Wall Reveals for Drywall and ACOUSTIBUILT Panels

Grid and Trim


LANCASTER, Pa. – Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced an array of Wall Reveals that create a precise horizontal or vertical separation in drywall walls, allowing for decorative or functional transitions from drywall-to-drywall panels or drywall to Armstrong ACOUSTIBUILT panels.

ACOUSTIBUILT wall panels provide the seamless appearance of drywall along with effective acoustical performance. Finished ACOUSTIBUILT panels combine a smooth, non-directional, monolithic visual with excellent sound absorption and sound blocking. Finishing methods are similar to those of traditional drywall.

Available in white and custom colors, the new pre-engineered moldings are manufactured from extruded aluminum to provide crisp edge detailing. Factory-finished intersections, corners, and 90-degree angles allow for an easy change of direction or wrap-around corners.

The new additions feature six different wall moldings. They include a 1/2" and 5/8" reveal for 5/8" drywall, a 1/2" and 5/8" F-reveal for 5/8" drywall, a 1/2" Z-reveal for 5/8" drywall, and a 1/2" reveal molding for ACOUSTIBUILT panel to 5/8" drywall transition.

Multiple Benefits to Contractor
To help speed installation, the new moldings also feature a pre-punched taping flange for easy drywall or ACOUSTIBUILT wall attachment and precise alignment between straight reveals, intersections, and corners with included “screwless” splice plates. In addition, integrated taping flange grooves allow for improved bonding when finishing drywall or ACOUSTIBUILT panels.

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